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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the repairs?

Alloy repairs typically take 36-48 hours.

The time taken for body repairs completed at our workshop is dependent on size, and can be done within 24 hours. Larger damage may take longer.

Do you re-balance the wheel?

Yes, all wheels that are powder coated at our workshop are rebalanced using our laser-accurate rebalancing machine.

Can you match colours?

Yes, we can match colours from different manufacturers using an in-house Debeers paint mixing scheme and a high-precision spectrometer. This ensures precise colour analysis before any re-spraying.

Do you guarantee the repairs?

Yes, we provide a 12-month warranty on all bodywork and alloy wheel repairs that are powder-coated.

For diamond-cut wheels, the warranty period is 6 months.

What if I don't want to leave my car when getting my wheels done?

We offer a variety of loan wheels for various manufacturers.

Call one of our team members, and we can inform you over the phone if we have a spare set available while your wheels are being worked on.



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