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Diamond Cut

Diamond cutting car wheels enhances their visual appeal by providing a bright and reflective surface and intricate design, adding a stunning elegance to your car

Powder Coat

Powder coating your wheels provides durability, protection, and increased resistance to corrosion, UV rays and everyday wear and tear. Powder coating also offers a wide range of custom colour options

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment & Repair

Are your alloy wheels in need of a makeover? Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with a personalised touch, ensures that your wheels receive the highest quality care and attention.

Body Work

Whether it's a scuffed bumper, a paint scratch, or a minor dent, our skilled technicians are here to restore your vehicle's aesthetics with precision and expertise.

Wheel Straightening & Welding

Damaged alloy wheels can compromise both the safety and appearance of your vehicle. Our alloy wheel straightening service is your solution to getting back on the road with confidence.

Caliper Restoration and Painting

Caliper restoration and painting enhance the appearance of your car's braking system, adding a customized touch while protecting against corrosion and maintaining overall vehicle aesthetics.

Mobile Work

Our mobile unit offers convenient wheel repairs, saving you time and hassle while ensuring professional and efficient service at your location.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please get in touch via WhatsApp or email.

Whoops Guarantee

We pride ourselves on our quality of work therefore any job completed by us and painted over manufactures original paintwork is covered by a 12 month guarantee, this is providing all necessary measures have has been taken with looking after your Whoops repair ( wheel refurbishment please read wheel care statement ). If there are any problems with our repair or paint we promise to come back to you and to sort it out. It is our obligation to meet if not exceed your expectations so please don’t hesitate to call if for any reason you are not happy with our services.

Wheel Care Statement

Most wheels when manufactured are painted by a process called ‘powder coating’ . This requires huge ovens that reach temperatures exceeding 200 degrees and produce a coated surface similar to a ceramic on the alloy. The restrictions of being mobile means we have to paint the renewed surface using specialist wheel products. The result is strong and durable but more care is needed when washing and tyre removing.

  1. Wash your wheels regulary so that break dust doesn’t build up onto the paint. Valeters will only try there hardest to power jet it off which can cause issues.
  2. Jet wash should only be used no less than 1/2 meter away from wheel.
  3. If the paint is broken (wheel is kerbed) only sponge wash and rinse. Do not jet wash.
  4. Take care when changing tyres and use a respected tyre fitter that has contactless removal tools.


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